Our Team

  • Spencer Brown


    Pastor Spencer Brown grew up in Winston-Salem, NC. Growing up his family moved to Columbia, SC where his dad took the position of Camp Director for Bethel Christian Camp. At camp he got his first taste of full-time ministry, as he got to work alongside my dad, mom, and sister during summer camp and off-season retreats. 

    He attended Piedmont Baptist College, and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC where he earned a Master of Divinity, Master of Theology in Old Testament, and a Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling. 

    In between Piedmont and Southeastern Pastor Brown married his high school sweet-heart, Jen. 

    Towards the end of seminary, he accepted a call to serve as youth pastor of Piney Grove Baptist Church in Faison, NC. Their family moved to Eastern North Carolina, where they lived for 2 years. Around this time, they had their two children, Connor and Bobbi. 

    Two years into the ministry at Piney Grove Baptist Church, he got in contact with a small Evangelical Free Church in Albuquerque, NM looking for a senior pastor. The original members planted to Center City Church with the vision of planting a church in the downtown area of Albuquerque. The church connected with him over shared loves for evangelism, expositional preaching, and relational discipleship. In January 2013, their family moved to Albuquerque and never looked back. 

    Pastor Spencer Brown says that "our family loves living in Albuquerque and the southwest portion of the United States. We look forward to many more years of serving the people of Center City and deepening our roots in Albuquerque."

  • Stan Guinn


    Stan has been an elder serving at Center City Church for six years. He is retired from working for the phone company. He enjoys gardening, feeding his chickens, and spending time with his son's and daughters.

  • Steve LeTourneau


    Steve grew up in the lush Midwest and in his early 20’s, moved to New Mexico. Shortly after arriving in the arid southwest, he met his wife-to-be (Julie) and she invited him to attend a ‘Weekend of Christian Living’ at a local Catholic church, which is where he was reminded of a God and a religion that he had been exposed to as a child, but had long since forgotten. 


    It was many years later, during a study of the book of Romans through BSF, that he finally and clearly understood the Gospel and realized that all of his merits were adding nothing to his righteousness before a Holy God. Steve realized that it was Jesus’ righteousness from His perfect life lived and His perfect sacrifice on the cross, imputed to his account that makes us seen as righteous before the Father. This happened personally when he repented of his sin and put his faith completely in Jesus.


    In the mid 2000’s God carefully led Steve and his family to Center City Evangelical Free Church, where they found a group of believers that had high esteem for God’s Word and demonstrated a love for His people. Since then, their love for Jesus and God’s Word has continued to deepen under the proclamation of the Word, Bible study, and intentional discipleship.


    Steve has been an elder in the church since 2014 and is in Seminary where he hopes to become better equipped for the ministry. As a family, they enjoy traveling, New Mexico food, and outdoor sports like golf, soccer, swimming and snowboarding. 

  • Ruben Cordova


    Ruben has lived in Albuquerque his whole life. As a young child, his grandparents put in him a love for music and encouraged that love. Despite bring raised in Christianity, Ruben abandoned the faith to pursue a career in music and to study other religions. In 2007 while he was enduring a particularly difficult season in his life, namely a failed marriage and a failed music career, God spoke to Ruben's heart in the moments leading to a suicide attempt. He returned to the God that had always loved him at that point and has never looked back. Now Ruben uses his gift of music to bless the congregation at Center City Church and has done so since 2012. Ruben and his lovely wife Gina have three boys and are always up for some good food and fellowship!

  • Hannah Miller

    Assistant to the Pastor

  • Mitch Guinn

    Safety Services Leader